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Tasty Planet 2

I’ve started doing the artwork for Dingo Games’ next game, ‘Tasty Planet 2′ (“real” name to be revealed later). I’m trying out some different styles. Making a game from a top-down view is always a challenge. Thought I would share some roughs and concept pieces.

TP2 Rough 1

TP2 Rough 1


With 12 more days until the start of yule, to be celebrated across 12 days, here are some final gift ideas (for a total of 12).

10: Games

You can’t go wrong with a game – I’ve recently developed a love for German strategy board games! Be it a board, computer or console game, give the gift of FUN :D

11: Theatre

I think buying tickets for someone to a show is a powerful gift. There is nothing like live theatre. Whether it’s a local group or a big production show, there is no experience like that of a performance on stage.

12: Donation to Charity

The biggest and best gift that you can give is “something” to those in need. That could mean giving blankets to a shelter, a cheque to a cancer foundation, goods to a food bank, or money to a charity. Think about giving to the local charities in your community – such as a woman’s shelters – or to international ones – like Heifer.

One for All

Constance Bonacieux

Constance Bonacieux

The Three Musketeers: The Game has now been released now for PC! Huzzah!

All For One

d'Artagnan ("Charles Ogier de Batz de Castelmore, Comte d'Artagnan")

d'Artagnan ("Charles de Batz-Castelmore Comte d'Artagnan")

The Three Musketeers: The Game has been released for Mac!

Check out the new video and download the demo today!

If He Doesn’t Sound Familiar, Picture Him With An Eyepatch

The Comte de Rochefort

The Comte de Rochefort

The Comte de Rochefort, otherwise known as the “Man from Meung” throughout The Three Musketeers, is a mysterious character who appears from time to time both in the book and the game. I debated about revealing his true name in this post – the Man from Meung’s name is not announced until the end but it is somewhat of a disappointment. It wasn’t as if he declared that he was the King of England or d’Artagnan’s father.

…Or did he?

No Babies Were Eaten

Dingo Games Shirts

Dingo Games Shirts

Dingo Games company T-shirts, made in the summer of ’08 and worn proudly since. Made with StencilPro and aided by my wonderful husband. While I imagine that I do a pretty ok job of ‘screening’ small images, I don’t seem to have the consistent arm strength needed to squeegee bigger images, so that’s where I run to my computer scientist for help.

It has been a busy couple of weeks that began with PAX and ended with a trip to the Mandarin. And the middle, like an Oreo cookie, was filled with the best stuff; family, friends, Pate‘s corn, the Toronto Zoo, Cyrano, German board games and a very, very fun and beautiful wedding. It’s good to be home and to get back to working on Musketeer related projects – apart from game work, there are 5 ostrich plumes and a black felted hat that are requesting my attention.