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Stheno Shirt

A Gorgon Shirt for a Sister

A Gorgon Shirt for a Sister

Alright, so this shirt isn’t really screen printed; after much experimentation and terror involving bleach, printing paper and wax, I used freezer paper for a stencil and screen printing quality paints. The image is placed on the lower left side of a fitted black shirt.

Thunderbrides are GO


Thunderbride, Thunderbrides maid and Thunderbride mini maid (for the flower girl)

Some shirts that I designed and screen-printed (with help from the hubby) for a bride (my sister!) and her bridesmaids (include me!) to wear pre-wedding. Sigh, if we only had one more person in the wedding party – we would have had enough for a baseball team.

No Babies Were Eaten

Dingo Games Shirts

Dingo Games Shirts

Dingo Games company T-shirts, made in the summer of ’08 and worn proudly since. Made with StencilPro and aided by my wonderful husband. While I imagine that I do a pretty ok job of ‘screening’ small images, I don’t seem to have the consistent arm strength needed to squeegee bigger images, so that’s where I run to my computer scientist for help.

It has been a busy couple of weeks that began with PAX and ended with a trip to the Mandarin. And the middle, like an Oreo cookie, was filled with the best stuff; family, friends, Pate‘s corn, the Toronto Zoo, Cyrano, German board games and a very, very fun and beautiful wedding. It’s good to be home and to get back to working on Musketeer related projects – apart from game work, there are 5 ostrich plumes and a black felted hat that are requesting my attention.

Crossing the Tie

Napoleon Screenprint Tie

Napoleon Screen Printed Tie

This is another gift I created for my Dad. I screen-printed part of an image from Napoleon Crossing the Alps onto a silk tie. I also gave him a gift that wasn’t homemade by me, but still had that homemade touch; a golf towel with a Napoleon quote embroider on it, completed by Tattletale Designs. She did a fantastic job (all of her work is so professional and classy!).

Bring on the weekend I say!