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Words of Athos

The Vancouver Comic Jam opening night was a big hit, thanks to everyone who came out! If you couldn’t attend, it’ll be at The Wallflower throughout April so drop on by. And if your lack of attendance was due to distance issues, well, in the post below i have (an updated) list of other comicers art that you can view!

words of athos
The Three Musketeers

This piece is one of mine that is currently being displayed (I have two up – I’m really really happy with the ones the VCJ headguys chose!) – it features my 2nd most favorite line that Dumas ever wrote. Here’s the progress of the painting, where you can see, despite a couple of practice runs, I almost ruined this in peeling off the masking-fluid.

7 8 9 Because He Tasted Like Gingerbread

Aha, just kidding *ahem*

7: Something Norse

Ringpin by Wareham Forge
Ringpin by Wareham Forge

Need a Thor’s Hammer? Ringpin? The ever fashionable earspoon? Nothing says “I love you” more than a custom made pattern welded blade. Visit the Wareham Forge for all your Viking needs!

Seax Knife That I Commissioned from the Wareham Forge
Seax Knife That I Commissioned from the Wareham Forge

8: Hats!

Musketeer Hat (from The Three Musketeers: The Game)

Who doesn’t love a good hat? Top hat, fedora, bowler, pillbox, tricorn, viking-rus style, cavalier – those are just some of the types that I own! Hats can be found all around, but do drop by to Edie Hats if you’re in the area – you’re bound to find the perfect hat gift there.

9: Socks

*imagine a picture of my feet in some really cool socks*

I have always, always enjoyed getting socks for the holidays. I always need them, and the kinds I get are always awesome – notable the ones bought by my Da (grandfather). Give that special someone a special gift for their feet – find some sweet socks at Sock It To Me.

If He Doesn’t Sound Familiar, Picture Him With An Eyepatch

The Comte de Rochefort
The Comte de Rochefort

The Comte de Rochefort, otherwise known as the “Man from Meung” throughout The Three Musketeers, is a mysterious character who appears from time to time both in the book and the game. I debated about revealing his true name in this post – the Man from Meung’s name is not announced until the end but it is somewhat of a disappointment. It wasn’t as if he declared that he was the King of England or d’Artagnan’s father.

…Or did he?

The Three Musketeers: The Game Beta

It’s done it’s done it’s done it’s done it’s done it’s done it’s done!

Louis XIII, King of France and Navarre
Louis XIII, King of France and Navarre

You can try (and buy) The Three Musketeers: The Game here!

Poor Louis, everything to him is just so boring. In the game he wears a little head wreath because he needed to be a bit different (and I didn’t like him in a crown, and a cavalier hat wasn’t unique enough). Pretty sure the real Louis wasn’t walking around wearing a laurel wreath, but it is a dashing look, as portrayed in actual portraits and on coins!