About ME

KrisSpoonPortraitKris Sayer is an independent game developer, illustrator, graphic designer and comic warrior who also wreaks havoc with a sewing machine and sword.

The elusive Sayer is rarely seen, but sometimes, in the forests of Vancouver Island or along the skytrain on the mainland, she can be spotted, identified by her tricorn or giant wooden spoon.

She received her BDes(Hon) from Sheridan College/York University in Toronto, where she met her future husband fencing épée. They decided to join forces and now run Dingo Games Inc. making games and apps. Sayer is the Art Director, Chief Cartoonist, Lead Illustrator and any other art-related title you can think of at the company (hey, it is just the two of them!).

Now living in beautiful British Columbia, Sayer sometimes takes on illustration or design commissions, and personally pursues her own comic endeavors. She self-publishes comics but also has had pieces published in other anthologies and magazines like Cloudscape Comics and Pulp Literature.

When not making games or comics Sayer splits her time between making (sometimes elaborate) costumes and studying (HEMA) swordplay.

You can reach her by email at kris@tatterhood.com. Her personal website badly needs to be updated, but luckily she puts stuff everywhere else on the web – why, all of her comics are up here to read for free! So here are off-site links to stuff like her portfolio and costume gallery. She is also on the InstragramsTwitters, Tumblrs.

The Portfolio(ish) of Kris Sayer