With 12 more days until the start of yule, to be celebrated across 12 days, here are some final gift ideas (for a total of 12).

10: Games

You can’t go wrong with a game – I’ve recently developed a love for German strategy board games! Be it a board, computer or console game, give the gift of FUN 😀

11: Theatre

I think buying tickets for someone to a show is a powerful gift. There is nothing like live theatre. Whether it’s a local group or a big production show, there is no experience like that of a performance on stage.

12: Donation to Charity

The biggest and best gift that you can give is “something” to those in need. That could mean giving blankets to a shelter, a cheque to a cancer foundation, goods to a food bank, or money to a charity. Think about giving to the local charities in your community – such as a woman’s shelters – or to international ones – like Heifer.