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Troll Fight

If you think this pic is ugly, wait until you see the entire thing

My final (and favorite) piece for the Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show! This is just a snippet of it – the full panel has some gore and a bit of nudity in it, so be warned; this is not one for the kids or the nanas of the world. It shows Tatterhood fighting a variety of (mean) trolls (and while not all trolls are mean or evil, these ones most definitely are). The full image can be seen here, and the process of the piece can be seen here.  This is a scene that could hypothetically be in my hypothetical graphic novel should I ever hypothetically get working on it.

The show is still on at The Wallflower and for those unable to attend, I’m continuing to update my list/links of other artists’ panels.

At this point and time, my site is now going to be on hiatus as I redesign (yay!) and reprogram (aargh) everything, so hopefully I’ll be back in a few months. In the meantime, I will still be creating, crafting, costuming and comicing, elsewhere on the web. In fact, you can find me on…
deviant art
dingo games

I will likely sneak back in if there’s any important game news to write about. And true, while I have been quite absent before for long periods of time, at least this time its planned!



Words of Athos

The Vancouver Comic Jam opening night was a big hit, thanks to everyone who came out! If you couldn’t attend, it’ll be at The Wallflower throughout April so drop on by. And if your lack of attendance was due to distance issues, well, in the post below i have (an updated) list of other comicers art that you can view!

words of athos
The Three Musketeers

This piece is one of mine that is currently being displayed (I have two up – I’m really really happy with the ones the VCJ headguys chose!) – it features my 2nd most favorite line that Dumas ever wrote. Here’s the progress of the painting, where you can see, despite a couple of practice runs, I almost ruined this in peeling off the masking-fluid.

House of Mesozoic

House of Mesozoic

Tonight the Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show opens at The Wallflower Modern Diner – the uncensored version of this piece may/will be there! If you’re unable to attend the opening, stop by the diner throughout April for nummy food and comic art.

Can’t be there? Here are a few pieces by some of the artists in the show.

Doug Savage
Mindy Fraser
Jason Copland
Jason Turner
Jeff Ellis
Jenna Sokalski
Josué Menjivar
Kris Sayer
Mike Myhre
Steve Rolston
Toren Atkinson

And here’s my uncensored version of the comic above. It”s not really that bad…just something that likely wouldn’t be said in a Disney movie.

Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show

Once a month I go to a comic jam – and for all of April, art by the artists I jam with will be on display for you to view (and buy if you like)! The Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show will be at the Wallflower Modern Diner, from April 2nd to 29th. The idea was to create a single comic panel – not a whole page, but a panel, appearing out of context and unrelated to anyone’s artwork.

power alley
Power Alley

I (should) have (at least) one piece in the show. I did four separate panels – but depending on space and submission numbers, not all may be displayed – so here’s the first one I did!

I’ll be at the show’s grand opening on April 2nd, admiring the art and being awkward social. If you’re in the Vancouver area, stop by The Wallflower throughout April, check out some art and get some good eats and drinks. I recommend the vegan poutine…unless you don’t like poutine. Oh, and you simply must get one of their desserts.

More info about the Vancouver Art Jam
More info about The Wallflower

Yes, I did forget to scan the image before putting it into that blasted annoying frame. No, that’s not an April Fools’ joke, I really can be that dumb. I did remember for the other pieces, so they will have a better quality scan.