Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show

Once a month I go to a comic jam – and for all of April, art by the artists I jam with will be on display for you to view (and buy if you like)! The Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show will be at the Wallflower Modern Diner, from April 2nd to 29th. The idea was to create a single comic panel – not a whole page, but a panel, appearing out of context and unrelated to anyone’s artwork.

power alley
Power Alley

I (should) have (at least) one piece in the show. I did four separate panels – but depending on space and submission numbers, not all may be displayed – so here’s the first one I did!

I’ll be at the show’s grand opening on April 2nd, admiring the art and being awkward social. If you’re in the Vancouver area, stop by The Wallflower throughout April, check out some art and get some good eats and drinks. I recommend the vegan poutine…unless you don’t like poutine. Oh, and you simply must get one of their desserts.

More info about the Vancouver Art Jam
More info about The Wallflower

Yes, I did forget to scan the image before putting it into that blasted annoying frame. No, that’s not an April Fools’ joke, I really can be that dumb. I did remember for the other pieces, so they will have a better quality scan.