Troll Fight

If you think this pic is ugly, wait until you see the entire thing

My final (and favorite) piece for the Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show! This is just a snippet of it – the full panel has some gore and a bit of nudity in it, so be warned; this is not one for the kids or the nanas of the world. It shows Tatterhood fighting a variety of (mean) trolls (and while not all trolls are mean or evil, these ones most definitely are). The full image can be seen here, and the process of the piece can be seen here.  This is a scene that could hypothetically be in my hypothetical graphic novel should I ever hypothetically get working on it.

The show is still on at The Wallflower and for those unable to attend, I’m continuing to update my list/links of other artists’ panels.

At this point and time, my site is now going to be on hiatus as I redesign (yay!) and reprogram (aargh) everything, so hopefully I’ll be back in a few months. In the meantime, I will still be creating, crafting, costuming and comicing, elsewhere on the web. In fact, you can find me on…
deviant art
dingo games

I will likely sneak back in if there’s any important game news to write about. And true, while I have been quite absent before for long periods of time, at least this time its planned!



2 thoughts on “Troll Fight”

  1. Hi, Funny Tatterhood was one of my favorite tales too. I am looking for the movie. Probably sounds weird but when I was 11 I saw the movie I think is was VHS or film. Can’t remember. I have a darter now I would love a copy. Do you happen to know where you can buy it? I have copy of the book. It is as bad as trying to find a copy of the cartoon of the Hobbit. Well, thanks for your time.


  2. I wasn’t aware there was a movie made of it (I can’t find anything about it online, sorry). However finding the Hobbit (in any format) is easy enough – just go to Amazon, they have it!

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