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Quick Card

I had fun doing this, right up until the point where I was painting the front of the card and my index finger went numb. And then I messed up. And had to do some really bad lettering. BUT it’s the thought that counts…right?

Card for Jen
Card for Jen

Please excuse the blurriness. I wish I had a decent excuse for the bad picture. Inspired by this wonderful piece.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Mythological Cake
Stheno loves cake

Happy Birthday sis (if you are following this)! Hmm and I guess if you are, I sorta ruined a card I made for you. Err and don’t come back to my site later this week, and next week, because I will probably post your birthday present. Schmaybe. (Present is in the mail, it’ll be there soon!)

But here’s a hint for what the gift is: Bareka