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Stheno Shirt

A Gorgon Shirt for a Sister

A Gorgon Shirt for a Sister

Alright, so this shirt isn’t really screen printed; after much experimentation and terror involving bleach, printing paper and wax, I used freezer paper for a stencil and screen printing quality paints. The image is placed on the lower left side of a fitted black shirt.

Quick Card Two

Decided it would be wise to show the inside of the card (thus revealing the true message of the gorgon and cyclops).

Card for Jen Part 2

Card for Jen Part 2

Inspired by this lovely/funny piece.

Quick Card

I had fun doing this, right up until the point where I was painting the front of the card and my index finger went numb. And then I messed up. And had to do some really bad lettering. BUT it’s the thought that counts…right?

Card for Jen

Card for Jen

Please excuse the blurriness. I wish I had a decent excuse for the bad picture. Inspired by this wonderful piece.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Mythological Cake

Stheno loves cake

Happy Birthday sis (if you are following this)! Hmm and I guess if you are, I sorta ruined a card I made for you. Err and don’t come back to my site later this week, and next week, because I will probably post your birthday present. Schmaybe. (Present is in the mail, it’ll be there soon!)

But here’s a hint for what the gift is: Bareka