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Happy Birthday Jen!

Mythological Cake
Stheno loves cake

Happy Birthday sis (if you are following this)! Hmm and I guess if you are, I sorta ruined a card I made for you. Err and don’t come back to my site later this week, and next week, because I will probably post your birthday present. Schmaybe. (Present is in the mail, it’ll be there soon!)

But here’s a hint for what the gift is: Bareka

B is for Baby

This should have been a post of a final ‘group’ shot of my medieval animal alphabet, all against a black piece of paper and hanging on my wall. But I’ve been busy this weekend, so here’s a baby related illustration instead!

Baby Animals
Baby Animals

My sister-in-law has the baby room all decked out in a jungle-safari theme with touches of Africa (and Australia and China) and she wanted some pictures to hang on the wall. She had a couple of items from this set and wanted three small pictures to match. She chose the animals and I tried to illustrate some wittle guys that would match the style.

Not sure when I will be able to draw again now – I think I did a pretty good job of ‘pacing myself’ and taking breaks during the shower weekend, but unfortunately on my way home from the shower I was in a car accident. Everybody (from both cars) was ok, but I came out of it with a bruise shoulder, sore neck, and a wrist more painful than before (it’s not unbearable, I think it was just a case of my wrist being smacked against a door and bent back). Luckily I already had an appointment to see my hand specialist again, so I’ll make sure to mention it! So drawing will commence…hopefully soon 🙁