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Anubis transforms into Hitch - 1 of 2
Anubis transforms into Hitch - 1 of 2

I had no clue what to do for my sister’s birthday – being po’, I decided to make something so I asked her for a theme. She said ‘mythology – Greek or Egyptian.’ So she got a Greek-ish card and 2 Egyptian-ish paintings.

Done on papyrus, with watercolours and pencil. (First time on papyrus…tricky stuff).

Totally *not* my idea at all. See this glorious piece for ‘the real thing’ which is 100 times better than mine. Done by the very talented HanyousBlood

Used stock as reference for Hitch, the Siberian Husky, from the wonderful account of EssenceOfPerception.

Quick Card

I had fun doing this, right up until the point where I was painting the front of the card and my index finger went numb. And then I messed up. And had to do some really bad lettering. BUT it’s the thought that counts…right?

Card for Jen
Card for Jen

Please excuse the blurriness. I wish I had a decent excuse for the bad picture. Inspired by this wonderful piece.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Mythological Cake
Stheno loves cake

Happy Birthday sis (if you are following this)! Hmm and I guess if you are, I sorta ruined a card I made for you. Err and don’t come back to my site later this week, and next week, because I will probably post your birthday present. Schmaybe. (Present is in the mail, it’ll be there soon!)

But here’s a hint for what the gift is: Bareka