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Medieval Banners

Black Knight Boar Banner

Boar (Monty Python Black Knight)

I have sadly been neglecting my sketch books. But I have been having a lot of fun at work (how can dinosaurs not be fun?). Please note how the pictures have nothing to do with what I just said.

Griffin Medieval Wedding Banner (for Sale)


Recently I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, and I’ve decided to sell the rest of the medieval (medieval, renaissance, fantasy, etc) banners from my wedding. There are 13 in total available (currently only 12 are showing up on ebay. I guess the Black Knight banner is just too dangerous to release immediately). Act now! I’m crazy! About selling banners!

Sea Horse Medieval Wedding Banner (for Sale)

Sea Horse


With 12 more days until the start of yule, to be celebrated across 12 days, here are some final gift ideas (for a total of 12).

10: Games

You can’t go wrong with a game – I’ve recently developed a love for German strategy board games! Be it a board, computer or console game, give the gift of FUN :D

11: Theatre

I think buying tickets for someone to a show is a powerful gift. There is nothing like live theatre. Whether it’s a local group or a big production show, there is no experience like that of a performance on stage.

12: Donation to Charity

The biggest and best gift that you can give is “something” to those in need. That could mean giving blankets to a shelter, a cheque to a cancer foundation, goods to a food bank, or money to a charity. Think about giving to the local charities in your community – such as a woman’s shelters – or to international ones – like Heifer.

7 8 9 Because He Tasted Like Gingerbread

Aha, just kidding *ahem*

7: Something Norse

Ringpin by Wareham Forge

Ringpin by Wareham Forge

Need a Thor’s Hammer? Ringpin? The ever fashionable earspoon? Nothing says “I love you” more than a custom made pattern welded blade. Visit the Wareham Forge for all your Viking needs!

Seax Knife That I Commissioned from the Wareham Forge

Seax Knife That I Commissioned from the Wareham Forge

8: Hats!


Musketeer Hat (from The Three Musketeers: The Game)

Who doesn’t love a good hat? Top hat, fedora, bowler, pillbox, tricorn, viking-rus style, cavalier – those are just some of the types that I own! Hats can be found all around, but do drop by to Edie Hats if you’re in the area – you’re bound to find the perfect hat gift there.

9: Socks

*imagine a picture of my feet in some really cool socks*

I have always, always enjoyed getting socks for the holidays. I always need them, and the kinds I get are always awesome – notable the ones bought by my Da (grandfather). Give that special someone a special gift for their feet – find some sweet socks at Sock It To Me.

Gift Idea 4 and 5

With Hanukkah just around the corner, and Christmas, Kwanzaa, and a boat-load of festivities on the way, why not make a gift this year? You still have time!

4. Ornament/Key Chain

Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments

All you need is a little Sculpey and some time. There are plenty of tutorials and projects to work from over at the Sculpey site, and many more scattered all over the web. The little guys up above I made last year with plain white Sculpey, and then painted with acrylics.

5. Screenprint/Paint Clothing

Napoleon Screenprint Tie

Napoleon Screenprint Tie

If you have the time, the gear, and a little bit of time to practice, you can screenprint a shirt, tie, you name it! I used EZ Screen Print, which is a great ‘no-chemical’ way to make screens, but I found that the shipping was so much for the special paper, and I wasn’t using the screens to their full potential. So another method of putting a desired image onto fabric is using the freezer paper method! Much cheaper, and works just as well I find! You do need a little more time to do it, and a little more practice, but you get *fantastic* results. Here’s a few good tutorials, but there are lots of other ones out there – investigate and decide what works best for you!

Winter Solstice Reading Season

Gift Giving Idea Number 3!

Bite Me! as Performed by Potatoes

Bite Me! as Performed by Potatoes

Books! Graphic Novels! Comics! Give the gift of reading – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

‘Drawn Books’ that I recommend (based on what I have in my collection):


Bite Me

Castle Waiting

Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography

Never Learn Anything From History

The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy’s Great Idea

The Three Musketeers


and (while not graphic novels, these two are very near and dear to me) Dragonfeathers and Tatterhood.

You can find most of these at your local bookstore or comics store (and there’s always online).

Telsa: The Celibate Scientist (by Kate Beaton)

Telsa: The Celibate Scientist (by Kate Beaton)

Oh Tesla

Seeing as how it has been a very, very busy week and today is Nikola Tesla’s birthday, here’s a little blast from the past PLUS it’s also work that I actually did not do! Kate Beaton did the comic – I just decided to colour it for funsies.

Telsa: The Celibate Scientist (by Kate Beaton)

Telsa: The Celibate Scientist (by Kate Beaton)

I coloured a bunch of Beaton’s comics – I got to eleven, but this was all before my wrist surgery, so one day my right hand violently forced me asked me nicely if I would mind stopping all additional activities and just sit quietly with an ice pack and watch the telly.

Happily that all has now changed! All this week I have been colouring! Yesterday? I coloured! Day before that? Coloured! What am I going to do tomorrow? Colour! My weekend plans? Colouring – both on the computer AND with ‘real’ media, oooOOoooh. And if I look at my planner I see I have penciled in ‘colour’ for all of next week. The fun never stops! (I am saying that in a serious, not sarcastic, manner – I really do enjoy colouring, and specifically, what it is I’m colouring, which happens to be stuff for our next game). There will be a smidgen of drawing that will take place, but otherwise, col-lour-ring.

I’m very excited about the current colouring. It’s in a different style that what I did above, and I can’t wait to show it one day.