Oh Tesla

Seeing as how it has been a very, very busy week and today is Nikola Tesla’s birthday, here’s a little blast from the past PLUS it’s also work that I actually did not do! Kate Beaton did the comic – I just decided to colour it for funsies.

Telsa: The Celibate Scientist (by Kate Beaton)
Telsa: The Celibate Scientist (by Kate Beaton)

I coloured a bunch of Beaton’s comics – I got to eleven, but this was all before my wrist surgery, so one day my right hand violently forced me asked me nicely if I would mind stopping all additional activities and just sit quietly with an ice pack and watch the telly.

Happily that all has now changed! All this week I have been colouring! Yesterday? I coloured! Day before that? Coloured! What am I going to do tomorrow? Colour! My weekend plans? Colouring – both on the computer AND with ‘real’ media, oooOOoooh. And if I look at my planner I see I have penciled in ‘colour’ for all of next week. The fun never stops! (I am saying that in a serious, not sarcastic, manner – I really do enjoy colouring, and specifically, what it is I’m colouring, which happens to be stuff for our next game). There will be a smidgen of drawing that will take place, but otherwise, col-lour-ring.

I’m very excited about the current colouring. It’s in a different style that what I did above, and I can’t wait to show it one day.