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Medieval Banners

Black Knight Boar Banner
Boar (Monty Python Black Knight)

I have sadly been neglecting my sketch books. But I have been having a lot of fun at work (how can dinosaurs not be fun?). Please note how the pictures have nothing to do with what I just said.

Griffin Medieval Wedding Banner (for Sale)

Recently I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, and I’ve decided to sell the rest of the medieval (medieval, renaissance, fantasy, etc) banners from my wedding. There are 13 in total available (currently only 12 are showing up on ebay. I guess the Black Knight banner is just too dangerous to release immediately). Act now! I’m crazy! About selling banners!

Sea Horse Medieval Wedding Banner (for Sale)
Sea Horse

Wedding Bells were ringing…chainmaille was clinking…

My wedding was awesome. It really was! It was a medieval-fantasy themed wedding where everyone (well just about everyone) came dressed in costume and there was a sword fight and a pig toss and great food and toss the duchess and nummy drinks and fun was had by all! So many people helped with my wedding, making costumes, flowers, food and decorations; it all really helped to make the wedding special and unique!

The time has now come for me to part with some of my wedding ‘stuff.’ My mum and I (with a bit of help from some friends) made some nice big banners to hang from the ceiling. 20 doubled-sided flag-banners, all of them different. And now some of them are for sale! I have 7 banners up for sale on ebay (you can visit the shop here. They’re up for a *really* good price, because I know making, let alone buying, banners, can be really expensive. They’re nice and festive (we have the remainder 13 hanging up!). So pop on by, tell your friends, make haste!

And here’s a peak!

Double Headed Eagle
White Tree
White Tree
Blue Bunny
Blue Bunny

…hm…I guess I should really upload the invites and table piece (they were really ‘neat’)…and other invitations…and graphic design work…hm I really need to actual design my site. I’m just too busy!