Blue Girl, Page 14

Blue Girl Page 14

Blue Girl Page 14

Video Games Live was fun. I wish they had played Mass Effect and done a few things differently, but overall it was a great experience. If they come back to Vancouver, I think I’ll go again (but not as Liara T’Soni).


  1. Wonderful stuff !! Not only are you a fantastic cosplayer, but a great artist as well. Keep on the good work ^_^

  2. Emily says:

    Ha, just thought I would say hi (4 years later!) I was the Chell chatting with you while we were waiting for the costume contest to start. 🙂 Here I was thinking about making an asari costume as my next project, and here you pop up!

  3. Tatterhood says:

    Awesome! And I remember you!
    (If you end up using the tutorial, you can download it as one big pdf on my deviant art page – just a bit easier to reference when working. There is also a really big Mass Effect costuming community on Facebook that has many references, tutorials, tips, etc etc etc, if you’re looking for more inspiration or help!)

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