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  1. I have a question. Approximately how much did the mask cost in its entirety? I may consider making a Garrus mask (or a Liara one as well if I decide the armor is too scary lol) with some extra research but using mostly your method.

  2. OOoooh Garrus! There are a few turian costumes that have been popping up, so if you feel nervous about tackling the armor, definitely do a search online to find some costumes (or go check cosplay.com). I did a little write-up on that site about how much everything cost, so I’ll just post it here.

    (from cosplay.com)
    The price of a costume can definitely be expensive – and while expense doesn’t also equal quality, there are certain materials that one needs that just can’t avoid being costly!

    I’m not sure what types of tools and supplies you currently have, but things like a sewing machine (and all the little threads, bobbins, needles, scissors) and basic paint set are invaluable. A drill, heatgun, paintbrushes and paints were among the tools I already had access to from other projects.

    My Liara costume cost more than what it should have, based on a latex-order mishap and supplier prices (I have found new suppliers with cheaper prices now!). I compiled a quick run-down of the prices of making a latex mask or headpiece (including pricing and materials for making a lifecast of your head, and taking into consideration you already have some household supplies like markers, scissors, buckets, rubbing alcohol, and some tools and scrap wood in the shed)

    50 pound bag of Ultra Cal (for molds, casts) – $42
    bald cap – $10 (aaargh)
    spirit gum – $3-5
    plaster of paris strips/gauze – $10
    vaseline – $5
    modeling clay – $15
    sculpting tools – $10
    cheesecloth – $12-15
    latex – $45 (gallon)
    latex paints, makeup and makeup brushes – $70
    TOTAL: $227! JUST for mask/headpiece supplies! Everything adds up

    That’s a rough estimate in Canadian dollars and does not including shipping. That also does not including the total I had to pay for latex – add an extra $101 dollars onto that :S

    Then I had all the wonderful latex-rubber-shiny-stuff; the long gloves were $33, the (ill-fitting) stockings were $45 without shipping) and I can’t remember how much the material was for the shirt and pants. But I easily spent $400 on the costume (including the second latex gallon). My budget was at $250 but I kinda went…a bit over.

    Now, I did buy big bags of stuff, as I like making costumes and knew I would need it later. I have already gone through my first bag of ultra cal (and found a different supplier who sells it for $34) and have finished off one gallon of latex (one down, one to go!). I bought latex paint bases and sealers that can be used on other latex projects. If you’re going to be doing a lot of sewing, it’s worth it to have a membership to a fabric store. Always shop around and compare prices for supplies. Don’t forget to check vintage/used clothing stores (although their prices have really rocketed in the past few years). And it always, always pays off to practice and do little tests.

    Good luck!

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