Blue Girl, Page 15

Blue Girl Page 15
Blue Girl Page 15

And so ends the ‘Blue Girl’ comic. I really loved Mass Effect – definitely one of the best games out there, with fantastic music and a rich storyline. Making the costume was a great experience (though I don’t know when I’m going to wear it next!). I think I managed to pull off a pretty convincing Liara T’Soni. Hopefully this “mini comic tutorial” gave you a idea of how (slush) latex masks are made. If you want to read the comic in its entirety, just click here. Try making a latex mask yourself, it’s fun, easy and cheap! Well, maybe not those last two things. And sometimes not the first thing.

5 thoughts on “Blue Girl, Page 15”

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to pay my compliments to a costume! And a very imaginative way of presenting your making of stuff ^_^
    Being lucky I managed to pick up Mass Effect for pointlessly cheap from a closing down store and have really fallen for it (not that far into it yet though), and really have been itching to try a costume from it. Being a sad little Cosplayer/Live Role Player.
    What surprised me was finding your blog with exactly the technique I was was contemplating, and doing it really well. Well, it was either that or Latex over Foam, though that’d probably work better for a Turian.

    Anyways, very cute comic and great costume.

    (can’t believe no one else has commented, heh)

  2. wow, that is awesome. A few friends of mine work at Bioware and shared this with me. I love it, and I can’t wait for the second Mass Effect. ( :

  3. That costume is just fantastic. I wish I had the motivation to work as hard and long as you did on something like that.

    Y’know, with that headpiece on you kinda resemble the Consort more than Liara. You should wear it again but tailor yourself one of those acolyte dresses instead of Liara’s work outfit.

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