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  1. Hey, I’m trying to make one of these handy dandy latex headpieces, and I was wondering A. What kind of paint you used, and B. Where did you find it? Is it latex paint like the kind used to paint walls or is it some kind of hobbyist paint? I’m probably going to go with a purple color, since I cosplay Shiala. I’ve made two heads out of fabric (I have a tutorial up on cosplay.com) but I decided I wanted to give the latex a try. Would Ben Nye liquid latex work? Thanks so much for putting all this information up!

  2. I remember your asari heads – I sew, but man, I don’t think I could even attempt to make the fabric headpieces you created! You did a great job!!

    I got all the latex paint ‘stuff’ from FX Warehouse online. I’ll link directly to the items but they change their pages and inventory, so sorry if the pages don’t work (in the future):

    Coloured Latex Paint Base – I bought a blue latex paint and used that for an undercoat (I can no longer find their coloured latex paints on their site hmm)
    Latex Paint Base (Airbrush Latex) – used for detailed painting
    Flexible Latex Paint Sealer – used on the finished piece to seal everything in

    I already had a bunch of acrylic paints in my possession (ie. folkart, pebeo, apple barrel, golden acrylic) and wanted to use them, so instead of buying tons of different latex shades of blue, purple, white, I bought the Latex Paint Base (Airbrush Latex) – you can add any waterbased pigment to them and you’ll get latex paint to work with! I just mixed my acrylic (waterbased) paints with the stuff instead – so I got strong colours, but also a paint that wouldn’t chip or flake. You do have to experiment with the amount of latex paint base to add; for my first head, there was a bit of cracking in some parts, but the second painted one turned out fine.

    I’ve never used the Ben Nye liquid latex (paint?) before! I have no idea if the latex paint for walls would work – I’ve wondered that, peeling it off a wall, questioning if it would work. You could also send an email off to the folks of FX Warehouse – they are the pros, and would be able to recommend the best thing for you to use! I also think they sell mask latex too!

    The second place to check out would be The Monster Makers. They even sell ultra cal!

    Hope that helps! Good luck with the headpiece 🙂

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