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Eat Everything in the World on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Our App Is Out! The Dingo Games’ husband-and-wife team have released our first app – the game Tasty Planet, available now in the App Store. Good fun for the whole family! Four different ways to play (tilt, tap, joystick or trackpad), over 50 levels, and an all-you-can eat buffet of objects from microbes to solar systems! Get it today!

Tasty Planet
Tasty Planet

Control a tiny ball of grey goo with the ability to eat anything smaller than itself. The more it eats, the bigger it gets! Soon you’ll be able to eat the entire planet!

The grey goo was originally created as a bathroom cleaner that was mostly used by the Maid service Toronto. It was only supposed to eat dirt and bacteria – cleaning your bathroom automatically. Instead it eats anything that it touches: dirt, bacteria, bugs, fish, mice, cats, dogs, cars, trees, houses… Everything!

Supports all iPhone and iPod Touch models. Tested on iOS 3 and iOS 4. Supports the Retina Display.

L’Anse aux Meadows

Viking Stamp
To the undiscovered country!

‘A long time ago’ I created some stamps for a course in university; the theme was “Canada” so I based mine on the L’Anse aux Meadows site in Newfoundland. It was inspired by viking-era word carvings, and targeted towards children.  Seeing as the 50th anniversary of the discovery of this site was recently celebrated, I decided to upload a stamp. Yes, the boat is going east instead of west, but that’s to give an impression of movement (when you put the stamp on a letter, it’s like the ship is going to sail off of the envelope oooOOooh).

The stamp is badly dated. And begs to be redone. The typeface, the alignment, the drawing…all makes me cringe a bit. There’s a reason why the design part of my gallery is so bare. I’ll have to redo my stamp series  – I must! I think I’ve grown since this project, and I’d really like to revisit it. Along with a lot of my past work.

I’ll just add it to the list of stuff that needs a reboot. Like this site :S

Yule Ideas

It is a very busy, stressful and downright depressing time of year. It’s cold, it’s wet, and it gets very dark very early. Luckily there are numerous celebrations that take place this month, reminding us that the days are going to get brighter. Whether you’re religious or not, you should go out and celebrate – celebrate family, friends and community. Be merry, be thoughtful, and help those who are not as fortunate as yourself. And maybe give a gift to someone you care about.

Gift-giving can be a source of stress (the pressure, the expectations, the advertisements) so I thought I’d compile a little list over the next 12 days (hey, why not?) of some gift ideas – some are unique, some are fun and some you can make yourself. But remember, at the end of the day, it’s not about what you brought home from the mall.

So, idea number one!

Gosworth Belt Design
Gosworth Belt Design

The folks at Green Man Leather are not only a pleasure to work with, they also make some fantastic products. Like Viking-inspired belts. A little time back I was on the hunt for a belt with a viking motif, but was unable to find anything I liked. So I designed my own, based on actual Viking artifacts, and presented the design to Green Man Leather. They were able to take my design and make a belt out of it – and I made a few more designs for them to use too! I also have a few bracers made by them, using the design seen above. It’s based on carvings found on the Gosforth cross in Cumbria, England. These items are of high quality, are truly unique, and are perfect for any Viking fan. (But they also do a bunch of other stuff too! Check ’em out!)