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A Mad Tea Party - Caterpillar, 5 of 9
A Mad Tea Party - Caterpillar, 5 of 9

Postcard created in Photoshop and printed on cardstock.

My first sketch was of a person-sized caterpillar, then that turned into a regular caterpillar with a mini hookah, and finally I decided on a large-ish caterpillar with a small-ish hookah. The person-sized caterpillar stood out just too much.

I will post the remaining Medieval Animal Alphabet pieces and the rest of the Mad Tea Party – but then I shall take a break (but for a good reason!). I will be having some minor surgery on my wrist in a few weeks and will…sniff…not be drawing for a little while (and designing and sewing and sculpting and Tai Chi and gaming and fencing and blah blah blah). Fear not, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. 

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