The Final Liara

Final Liara
Final Liara

Well, I’ve finally got decent photos of my Liara T’soni costume and/or cosplay taken. It’s all there for you and the internets to see right here.

It’s been a fun journey. We’ve learned and grown, experienced both pain and happiness. Is this the end of Liara? Most likely. I can’t stand doing the makeup – I didn’t even do all the makeup for these photos (I just painted my face blue and I quickly tried to photoshop out the seams. I mean, really quickly). I have to thank my husband for all his patience and skills, for the times when he was applying liquid latex to my skin, to the times when he just smiles and agrees to take my silly little photos.

VGL Costume Contest
VGL Costume Contest

Image from That there is the old headpiece back in th’day. Sigh.

This costume, in ‘real life’ and online, has gotten a lot of puzzled looks. Some have sneered, others have ignored, and then there are those that laugh and smile. And that’s part of the reason why I do what I do.

My Stockings Won't Stay Up!
My Stockings Won't Stay Up!

13 thoughts on “The Final Liara”

  1. Heres to the men who humor us! 😀

    I’m sad you’re wanting to be done with her, but I’m very happy your costume got showcased and finally got the recognition (at least on Cosplay–other websites should follow suit!) it deserves.

    BUT! If we ever go to the same convention we HAVE to dress up as our asari. HAVE TO!

  2. Still a great costume! It will be around if you want to wear it again, and after playing Mass Effect 2 you might find another character you want to cosplay as.

  3. I like the costume! Just a quick question – Was this at the Vancouver VGL concert? I remember seeing a Liara in that contest…

  4. I’m just getting back into costuming after dealing with a neck injury – you have a lovely site, you do amazing work, it’s very inspiring.

    Was wondering if you were able and/or willing to sell an asari headpiece (assuming you still have the mold available to you, and the time to bake one up) as my sculpting skills aren’t back up to snuff yet – or if you know someone who might have such things available. (I used to do all my own work, but I’m having to relearn the basics right now.)

  5. I was just wondering when you made your Plaster of Paris Molds, how much of it did you need?

  6. Hey Rebecca, I recently did a mold like Tatterhood and ended up using around 28 feet worth of plaster bandages. They were split into several 8″x 4″ rectangles, 4″ x 4″ squares and 1″ – 2″ triangles. I used the bigger pieces to do the back of the head, the triangles for the finer details of eyes, lips, nose, etc. Then I moved up to bigger pieces for bracing.

    I hope that helps.

  7. Wow — that’s really awesome. I found this randomly searching threads on bioware social site. Great work! Killer halloween costume, although few people I know would get it. But where else can you wear it?

  8. Beautiful costume, and just from reading it, the tutorial looks very helpful!
    Once my Ultra Cal and latex arrive I’m going to try making the headpiece – I’ll also be doing Liara’s scientist outfit for an event this fall.
    Wish me luck!

  9. Make sure to take and post pics of your final costume 😀 If you run into any problems, just message me (or shout out for help from the fellow Asari on good luck! 🙂

  10. Yeah, I totally plan to take a lot of pictures! I’m really looking forward to starting; still need to get a few things, but my Ultra Cal came from Hollynorth the other day~ Thanks for the help offer, I may just need to take you up on that!
    And thanks for the luck; chances are I’ll need it, haha. x3

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