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X is for…Squirrel?

X is for Xerus
X is for Xerus

Watercolours, pencil crayon and markers on watercolour paper. Alright, so I cheated a little bit on this one, seeing as there are very few animals starting with X and fewer still that would have appeared in a medieval bestiary. So hopefully these African ground squirrels (genus Xerus) won’t get too angry, as squirrels can die of rage.

For more info on all your favorite medieval beasts, visit The Medieval Bestiary or your local library.

We did.

Wedding Table Chargers
Wedding Table Charges

Spring is in the air, love is about and I rediscovered some old art! Illustrated charges from my medieval wedding, created for table settings. Why sit at table one when you can sit at table sun? (aha!) They also match hanging banner and mini flags (that went on mini edible castle cakes).

Images were drawn from heraldry clip-art/ancient stuff I saw in books, then were inked, coloured with watercolours, shaded a bit with a regular pencil and re-inked.