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Tatterhood’s Sister

The udder day* I submitted this Tatterhoof piece for Emoorald City Cowmicon’s Moonsters & Dames artbook. I herd back from them and it wasn’t selected (bull if you ask me). I suspect these puns may calf been the reason, but hay what can you do.

*by now this was actually about a year and a calf ago.
**I swear there won’t be this many puns in the actual Tatterhood story.



This weekend I’m at Emerald City Comicon – with a brand new (and final!!) version of Corpse Door! Rachel Kahn and I are at Artist Alley Table T11 with uncanny comics filled with swords, spirits and spoons. Trolls, Weald, Sidequests, and lotsof other tales are there! So if you’re in Seattle, come on up – way up!