One Liara Two Liara Red Liara Blue Liara

…it feels like I planted little Asari headpiece seeds in a garden and have just harvested the crop.

Final Asari Headpiece and Friends
Final Asari Headpiece and Friends

My my, don’t they look…pretty ugly, when they haven’t been cleaned or trimmed or painted or looking as if they were a crude sacrifice of rotting alien scalps torn from the dying heads of Asari…quite unpleasant indeed.


So, not including The First headpiece that was constructed, it took me three tries to get a satisfactory headpiece – one that is thin, light, strong and all in one piece (I had a wee bit of an accident with one headpiece as I became impatient and pulled the latex out of the mold before all the tentacles had completely dried). I am in the process of painting this final headpiece, which I’m still hemming and hawing about wearing to PAX. I think it will be the last time I wear this costume.

I’m not sure what to do with the other headpieces now. I will save them for the future and maybe paint them based on new (or returning?) characters in Mass Effect 2.

5 thoughts on “One Liara Two Liara Red Liara Blue Liara”

  1. Hooray!! 😀 I say wear it to PAX, at least for a couple hours and surprise the guys at the ME2 booth. You may get some swag!! They were excited to see me at the Dragon Age booth and took a few pictures with me. I think you’d like to see the looks on their faces, too :3

  2. Heh, I looked you up to show someone your earlier headpiece and now you’re at it again. Did you ever get around to that acolyte dress?

  3. Hey, awesome! I’ll probably see you there, since I plan on going to PAX this upcoming year, too! I’m working on a headpiece too, so you may even see me dressed up there (not to rip off of you or anything, I was sort of geeking out at the prospect of going to my first VGCon dressed as an Asari, anyway). :D!! I’d love to meet the “Matriarch”! (Haha, I mean that as in “one most experienced in the fine art of making Asari headpieces)”!

  4. Oops! ^__^;;;; *embarassedly blushes* I didn’t realize there were TWO PAXs. I meant the one in March that’s in Boston! I live on the east coast.

  5. Hey,

    Saw that you said you had a few extras. Do you still have them? Would you be interested in selling a painted one? If so please email me


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