M is for Mouse (or Mice)

M is for Mouse
M is for Mouse

Watercolours, pencil crayon and markers on watercolour paper. The mouse gnaws at iron (and gold!) and you can be sure to find stolen pieces of it in their bellies.

For more info on all your favorite medieval beasts, visit The Medieval Bestiary or your local library.

I’m almost done in this series (I may only be at ‘M’ on these Internet tubes, but I am near the home stretch in real-life). I am trying to get these (along with one final batch of postcards) done and out of the way so I can focus on bigger and better projects. These bigger and better projects include several “drawn books” and costumes (I need to do a body cast for the next one, and yes, I shall end up making some latex pieces for it. No, I am not making a latex suit). I hope to upload sketches soon.

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