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Blue Girl Epilogue

Blue Girl Epilogue

I just realized that I never took any photos of the actual headpiece itself so here is one final page to the Blue Girl collection. This realization happened when I woke up and discovered that people other than my Nana or a lone wandering lost soul had paid a visit to my site. To those who have come (mainly from the Mass Effect Forums) I am honoured by your visit and thank you for your comments and emails. I can only hope that you found the costume/comic informative, pleasing or inspiring. I wish I had taken better photos of the full Liara ensemble; maybe one day I shall try to arrange a ”photo-shoot” and get some decent photos that are not taken when I am feeling and looking rather tired and grouchy (due to sitting down for 3 hours for makeup, 45min on the  sky-train to the concert, 2 hours at the concert and 45 min back on the sky-train).

I am currently working on two other costume/mask projects that are not related to ME, but I am hoping to tackle one (or two!) more Mass Effect costume in the future. Tali’Zorah is the next costume in mind but an ultimate costume goal would be a completion of Wrex. I have Krogan ‘blueprints’ laid out, the only problem is that it would be expensive, and heavy. We shall see; I’m not sure why I make them because I don’t really attend that many conventions and I don’t really “cosplay” (I “just dress up”).

I’ll just have to hope that a costume designer position opens up for a production of Mass Effect: The Musical! Family fun for all with songs like ‘Even Earth Isn’t Safe’, ‘We Will Hold the Line’, ‘Basso Profondo: My Secret is Out’ and ‘Big Stupid Jellyfish,’ With Colm Wilkinson as Wrex performing his famous song ‘40,000 For a Whole Set.’

Are the new viewers gone yet?


  1. Innochka says:

    (Yes, I found your site through Bioware.)
    You have alot of creativity. Thank you for documenting all your patience and effort.
    Your Liara costume is pure art!

  2. Steven says:

    I really liked the way they came off

  3. Lizzie says:

    So amazing and very helpful for helping me plan my own Liara. But I was just wondering if instead of colorless latex could a pale blue be used for the head piece instead?

  4. Tatterhood says:

    Yep! Sometimes you can buy coloured latex, or else tint it yourself!

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