Fairy Tales That Never Were 2

FTTNW - The Miser and the Mouse
FTTNW - The Miser and the Mouse

Pencil crayon with pen outlines on card stock. My wrist is killing me.

The postcards I do are more like sketches rather than refined, detailed work. With the exception of this one, they were all done as pleasant little past-time activities, purely for fun, with no greater project in mind. This FTTNW series is special, because while working on it the story behind it started nagging me. Everything I draw has a story behind it. Some are quiet and some yell at me. This one was bitching and screaming and demanded to be Told. Hopefully FTTNW will be seen, one day (soon), as a completed drawn story. Right now, its these 3 postcards (the third one will come next week), a few character pages, thumbnails and written points.

It shall be Told.

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