Fairy Tales That Never Were

FTTNW - The Bird Maiden
FTTNW - The Bird Maiden

Pencil crayon with pen outlines on card stock. This series of postcards later inspired me to do a small collection of drawn stories. I will be posting related postcards and pages in the future.

So just where are these comics? Where is the good art? Where is the design? The costumes?When can we expect a well designed site and a filled portfolio and not just some strange alphabet thingamajig ?!
Hey, I’m working on all that, really! But (A) Wrist. (B) Work. The work takes up most of my time, and the wrist provides a smooth steady supply of pain. These two things are wrapping up soon (well, I’m on a waiting list for my wrist and the operation is in 6-9 months, that’s soonish, right?). Good things come to those to wait. I have time. You most certainly have time. We’re all young (at heart).

(And happy birthday Mr. Muffins)

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