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You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

A few weeks ago I completed what I would call a insignificant feat. It was the result of bizarre yet unimportant circumstances that were prompted by the gnawing of time and ticonderoga. I finally “finished” a sketchbook. I have always favored loose printer papers stuffed into binders and book jackets instead of the neat, collected fine bristol of sketchbooks. There are many sketchbooks that I had begun an artistic relationship with, only for me to scoff at them and turn them away leaving them empty hearted, save for the kiss of a graphite sketch spread across a page or two.

I can only guess that one book finally got to me, whispering to promise to collect memories and ideas. And in just over a year, I found myself sketching, drawing, inking, experimenting, life drawing, making notes for our game, developing postcards, designing wedding invites, writing down recipes, blue-printing logos, creating costumes…and coming to the last page. It was finished.

So I turned the book around and started drawing on the backs of already filled pages. So far, no smudging or mixing of lines. I can only hope the journey back will be as fun as the journey there.

Few of the pages would interest anyone, but I think I will be brave and post a few of them.

Medieval Animal Alphabet - Fox Sketch
Medieval Animal Alphabet - Fox Sketch

This is how all of ‘MAA’ illustrations started out…just as a quick sketch in a little black book.