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One Busy Summer

In between Tasty Planet 2 work and wedding preparations and site development and story building and a hole slew of other things that will eventually get finished (siiigh), I’ve been helping my brother in law with some costume construction. He really gets into Halloween like me and my husband, and this year he decided he wanted a head cast so he could sculpt all kinds of masks and prosthetic pieces. The whole family pitched in and helped.

Head Mold
Plaster of Paris Head Mold,1st Layer

Doing a life cast is a whole lot easier with three additional pairs of hands. We changed how we did a few things – when prepping the mold for the ultra cal, we bound the old together with a few plaster bandages down the seam AND wrapped it duct tape,and my brother concocted a different type of stand for the ultra cal cast.

Head Cast
Casted Ultra Cal Head

It’s definitely not a process for the faint of heart – stick to buying an armature head or a foam head if you’re a bit claustrophobic. Or have problems breathing. Or if you have an allergy to vaseline. Please, be really careful if you do attempt a head cast (especially if you go the straws-in-nose method). For more in-progress shots, check out this.

Live Long and Prosper

Star Trek Costumes
Star Trek Costumes

A Star Trek convention was in town, and needless to say, my husband and I were pretty ecstatic about it. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were both going to be at the Vancouver con on Sunday, so we decided to dress up and boldly go where we had never gone before! James already had a beautifully constructed captain’s jacket, made by my mom about five years ago, so he and I put together the rest of a Next Generation outfit for him. I decided to go with a original series dress (skant), complete with a tricorder purse and mile-high hair.

I think I was hitting 6’4” from heel to hair.

We had a blast; it was one of the smaller conventions we went to, but I liked how it was intimate, and everyone was really nice (and impressed with our costumes!). We got to see/listen to some fantastic writers and actors. I hope it comes back next year.

Sadly, our camera stopped working after the convention – we tried to upload our photos, but all of our images were corrupted. We tried ever photo-recovery-repair program there is, but only a few pictures were able to be saved (the photo I used in this post isn’t even one of ours, a friend took it). Feel free to check out (low quality) images of my costume on my cosplay page, or to read up on how I made the tricorder bag on a craftster post.

Going to a Sci-Fi convention was also very inspiring and appropriate for current game levels I am working on… 🙂