Blue Girl, Page 4

Blue Girl Page 4
Blue Girl Page 4

This page is brought to you by petroleum jelly. Petroleum Jelly; Over 101 uses and all of them icky.

If you try to do this, or plan to make any mold of your body, please, please, ONLY use plaster of paris (strips/plaster bandages) or alginate and plaster of paris strips/plaster bandages. Somewhere out there someone is thinking they can substitute plaster of paris strips with another form of plaster. Pouring plaster onto yourself is very dangerous. The curing temperature can become very hot, if something goes wrong you can’t rip away the strips/bandages, it’s harder to control, etc etc, you get the idea. If you’re thinking ‘oh, but I’ve seen someone do it that way’ hopefully they were using alginate and you were mistaking it for plaster. And if you’re saying ‘but I’ve gone and made one with just plaster before, nyeh,’ well, great, good for you, don’t do it again ok kiddo?

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