Asari Headpieces Are Go!

I know what you’re thinking. You want to make an Asari headpiece for a Mass Effect costume and you’ve read my mini comic tutorial. You made a couple of phone calls around town and gathered up the weird and wonderful supplies. But you can’t help but wonder if this tutorial actually works; is it possible for a fan of Mass Effect, using a guide made by another fan, to make an Asari latex headpiece, or was the result of my Liara latex endeavour just a fluke?

Ladies and Gents, I proudly present HMWSG X’s Asari latex headpiece!

Asari Headpiece by HMWSG X
Asari Headpiece by HMWSG X

Didn’t she do a fantastic job!? I did a wee bit of tweaking with the photo (as she rushed the headpiece application for the shot) but WOW. Talk about awesome. Look at all the photos here! AND she documented her process. Holy cow! And she even made a Tali’Zorah nar Rayya costume to boot!

So if you want to make a headpiece…it can be done! It has been done and it shall be done again! HMWSG X and I sent message back and forth, talking about supplies, art techniques and frustrations, so if YOU have any questions, any issues, hey, just ask! Drop me a line at kris[atsymbol] I’m not a professional, but I’ll be sure to answer your question personally.

And if you want to learn more about latex and prosthetic and all that jazz, check out The Effects Lab.

Right now I’m working on another headpiece (because those buckets of slush latex aren’t going to use themselves!) so soon, soon, I promise, I will post actual pictures of my Liara T’Soni costume. (But check out other Mass Effect fans in costume in the meanwhile). I’m trying a few different techniques so might be adding a new page to the mini tutorial.

2 thoughts on “Asari Headpieces Are Go!”

  1. YAAY!!! This is a great post 😀 I guess that means I’ll have to do a post on the ME forums soon…x.x gahh…Those Tali and Liara LOVE threads on ME2 forums makes me nervous, they’ll rip us apart for not being the real characters!

    Also, if I see a reply one more time about my helmet being too big I’ll scream 🙁

  2. So amazing!!! I love the little comics but ita so hard to read wish it was a little bigger! I’m so going to try this!! Getting supply’s this week!!
    keep up the awesome work!

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