A short little horror-ish story, Bait, is up over on Weald Comics to read!


I’d love to say “hey I’ll be updating my website soon”, get rid of posts, update the portfolio, links, etc etc…buuuuuut I know I won’t be doing any of that. Not for a while yet! I’m not even going to think about it until at least after May – well after Creative Ink and TCAF and VanCAF and catching up on some sleep.

In the meantime I’ll just make the odd post once or twice every year or so…and direct any and all lovely viewers to:

Weald Comics (for comicy goodness)

Instructables (for costume tutorials)

Dingo Games (now on Steam!)


…it would appear I only make posts when cons come around…
This weekend, it’s VanCAF! Everyone should come out – it’s free, it’s fun, it’s filled with comic-goodness! I’ll have copies of Weald and Nameless, along with The Corpse Door (Version 3 – you can read an animated version of it online), Fears Still Festering (a compilation of short tales, including those published in Pulp Literature), and free Face Kitten mini-mini-comics! It’ll also be the launch of Mega Fauna, an all-age comic anthology by Cloudscape Comics (I have a goat comic in there. Of course it’s goats). Check it out this Sat and Sun at 181 Roundhouse Mews in Vancouver.




Unwanted Visitors

I’ve been posting comics up over on Weald Comics for a little bit now. The first chapter of my Tatterhood story is now 2/3rds of the way through. So why not start reading it from the beginning?


Besides Tatterhood: Unwanted Visitors, Weald Comics is host to my other comics Nameless, The Corpse Door (Version 2), and Gruff. Weald is also home to Rachel Kahn’s wonderful comics, like Orin and the Dead Man’s Sword and Full Colour Cromulence.

All of these comics are available to read online for free! (You can purchase print and pdf copies of comics too!)

TCAF and VanCAF 2014

…why exactly do I have this site/blog, I never update it…

This weekend, I’ll be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, where I’ll have THIS:
Cover for Weald Issue 1 - Tatterhood, Unwanted Visitors

The first chapter of my story, brought to you by the first issue of Weald Comics! You can grab it at TCAF or VanCAF, or read it for FREE over on Weald! Where there are lots of other really great free comics!

…really need to redo all this…hmmm

VanCAF 2013!

…wasn’t I supposed to relaunch and update this site a while back? Er…I’ve been busy!

A Young Tatterhood

Really busy. I’ve been making games and comics and learning to sword fight and having adventures!
This weekend I’m at VanCAF – if you’re in Vancouver, you should go! It’s free and it’s awesome!

I’d like to end this post with another false promise of updating my site (sigh). Maybe by the end of June, everything will be up and running? In the meantime, there’s always twitter, tumblr, deviantart and!

Testing the Waters

Still working on getting my site together – you’ll notice that practically none of the lovely navigation links are working, and a lot of old pages (i.e. the gallery) have simply…disappeared.

In the meanwhile, here’s a little something I worked on tonight. A sketch of Scylla for a story for Cloudscape Comics, and some sketches of Bjólfr for my story Tatterhood (to be released in Weald).

Sketches for Comics