Tatterhood’s Sister

The udder day* I submitted this Tatterhoof piece for Emoorald City Cowmicon’s Moonsters & Dames artbook. I herd back from them and it wasn’t selected (bull if you ask me). I suspect these puns may calf been the reason, but hay what can you do.

*by now this was actually about a year and a calf ago.
**I swear there won’t be this many puns in the actual Tatterhood story.

The Corpse Door (4. Once More. With Feeling)

CD1My spoopy-viking-trolly-fighting-horror-swordsie comic – there are three previous variation of Corpse Door, but this one, number four (once more, with feeling) is by far the best. The Corpse Door! Version 4! “The last” rendition of the tale. There’s a couple of pages already posted on Weald Comics, otherwise there’s a new one added every Tuesday. So go and catch up on this little ghostly tale, perfect to read this fine autumn morning.

At last. My comic Taterhood is finally finished.




My idea for a graphic novel, based on Norse mythology, Scandinavian fairy tales, & a big spoon, grew into years of researching, writing, sketching, training, travelling, thumbnailing, drawing, inking & colouring. Read, enjoy, like and share this magnum opus. I will have free limited edition signed copies available at the Vancouver Comics Arts Festival in May.

…pretty sure only my mom will get this. probably because she is very familiar with the original tale and the one I’m still working on

Comics For Your Consideration

sidequestsbonustat1Since the last time I posted on this blog/outdated website, I’ve uploaded a bunch of comics – all available to read on wealdcomics.com! There’s two stories featuring the spoon-swinging heroine Tatterhood – Trolls and a ‘newly’ shaded rendition of Ch.9 from Tatterhood – plus some Sidequests and personal autobiographical comics too… along with the colourful family-friendly goat story Gruff and not-so-friendly scuba horror tale Low Viz (new pages being uploaded every Wednesday). Dig in and enjoy! 

1  GruffComicPreview

TrollsComicPreview  LowVizComicPreview

The Portfolio(ish) of Kris Sayer